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Duane Shiffert's Costa Rican Paradise

Have you ever thought about running away to farm in Costa Rica?

Try it here!! 



 I moved to Costa Rica in 2004 and purchased this 15½ hectare (38 acres) farm. It had a small farm house, corral and a small milking barn. I remodeled the farm house, turned the milking barn into a storage shed where I stored all of my earthly belongings, moved in and never looked back. I lived in the small house for a couple of years and in 2006 built a larger home. My only income was my U.S. social security and when the economy turned south I decided to try to generate income from the farm. I planted 1½ hectors of coffee and shaded the crop with citrus trees. Every year I plant a little more and in the last few years have finally started to generate a positve revenue stream 

I currently rent the little farm house to visitors or potential future residents (see details on the Mountain Guest House Tab), occasionally sell things, plan to conduct tours and sell my coffee direct.

Today, in addition to the coffee, the farm has five or six varieties of lemons and limes, seven varieties of oranges and tangerines, cashews, almonds, several varieties of avacados and many other types of tropical fruit. About fifty trees come on line every year and that will continue for the next five years if I never plant another tree.

I am now in my mid seventies and do not have the energy that I had years ago. I am considering the sale of the farm and moving back to the United States where I will be closer to my family in my later years.

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